1920s Barbershop - Bricky Violet - Room & Linen Spray
Bricky Violet - 1920s Barbershop - Room & Linen Spray - Ganje’s

1920s Barbershop - Bricky Violet - Room & Linen Spray

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1920’s Barbershop is an irresistible scent of amber, rum, musk, and bay that will take back to a simpler time. Our spray is a simple, natural formula to freshen your rooms and fabrics for long-lasting enjoyment! 

1920’s Barbershop

Betty Greenleaf, a 1920’s Bricky woman, was one of a kind. A skilled artist with a pair of scissors and a  straight razor, she could keenly sculpt any fella’s hair and give the closest shave in town  

Betty herself was a doll with sexy allure. Sporting a popular 1930’s bon, you would never know that she was as strong as any man in both wit and intellect. 

This fragrance is in honor of every Bricky woman out there. You are strong! You are beautiful! You are a Betty Greenleaf! 

Crafted in pure clear  8 Oz glass  

Ingredients: FDA approved SD alcohol, Purified Water, glycerin, propylene glycerin, Bensopheno-2, and fragrance oil  

Directions: Shake well and spray in air or on fabric. This room spray is also body safe and can be used directly on skin or clothing. Always test the surface you spray on in a discreet location, including your skin.

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