Dublin - Hot & Spicy Ginger Beer Soda

Dublin - Hot & Spicy Ginger Beer Soda

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Dublin Ginger Beer's bold, robust ginger flavor is powerful from beginning to end. It's hot 'n spicy kick will leave a satisfying burn you'd expect to find in a classic ginger beer. It's a great stand-alone drink for the ginger fan, or use it as a mixer!
*Dublin Ginger Beer does not contain alcohol*

Born out of a love of all things pure cane sugar, Dublin Soda was birthed by Sam Houston Primm right here in Dublin, Texas in 1891.  He began hand-filling glass bottles and hand-delivering them to locals as he grew Dublin into a hub for iconic beverages.  The legacy of high-quality Dublin soda was passed through generations from Primm's daughter, Grace Lyon, to W.P. (Billy) Kloster, who developed worldwide interest in his top-shelf Sodas by refusing to sacrifice taste to make an extra buck.  

"I don't believe it will break us by sticking with the pure cane sugar version"  -W.P. Kloster  

12 oz Glass Bottle

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