Frostie - Root Beer Soda - Ganje’s
Frostie - Root Beer Soda - Ganje’s

Frostie - Root Beer Soda

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Delicious Frostie Vanilla Root Beer Cream Soda. It offers the same wonderful taste as it did in 1939. This delicious and thirst-satisfying caffeine-free soda is low in fat and sodium.
The Frostie Beverage company began it’s days in an abandoned jailhouse in the late 1930’s. Originally known for it’s root beer they expanded to include a number of well known flavors.
Frostie Root Beer has a flavorful creamy root beer flavor. Enjoy with a dollop of ice cream or fresh from the bottle!
Made with pure cane sugar and bottled in a long neck glass bottles at our faciity in Mukilteo, WA. 

12 oz Glass Bottle                                                                                              

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