Potions Cauldron - Unicorn Essence Soda

Potions Cauldron - Unicorn Essence Soda

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The world's most magical drink with a shimmer.

An incredibly magical potion crafted from unicorn essence, spellbinding glitter, and many other secret, incredibly hard to attain ingredients. Made by highly trained potions masters using a completely secret recipe that has been locked away for thousands of years, this drinkable potion is only for the most powerful witches & wizards!

Shake to wake the incredible magic within!

These drinkable potions are MADE IN BRITAIN... right next to where a certain famous school for witches & wizards is located!

Fruit twist flavoured soda containing edible glitter. Our drinkable potions give a truly magical experience!

Plus, our spellbinding drinkable potions are even more magical... they are completely SUGAR FREE!


11 oz - Glass Bottle
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