Root Beer & Sarsaparilla Taste Testings

Party idea. Why not buy many different types of root beer and sarsaparilla soda and have a taste testing! 

All root beers and sarsaparillas sodas are not created equal. Doesn't necessarily mean that there is one clear winner, but it does mean that one might prefer one brand over another.

Here at Ganjes we only stock, and consume, sodas with real cane sugar. No corn syrup here, only the original!

A regular customer decided to try this at one of their dinner parties and this is their findings.


Root Beer Taste Testing for 6 People

The Johnsons                                                                                                 December 2019


Bought 6 bottles of different root beers. We had everyone sit around a table with a shot glass and another glass of water to clear our palates after tasting each root beer. We opened one bottle at a time and poured a taste for each person. We set the bottle in the middle of the table so everyone could see the label. 

After each root beer we discussed the flavors and we were interested to find that each person had their own take of the dominating flavors. Here are their findings.

1. Americana Root Beer - Very strong g root beer flavor; a family favorite.

2. Boots Sarsaparilla - Strong Vanilla Flavor.

3. Jackson Hole Sarsaparilla - Licorice flavor; less carbonated. 

4. Dr. Browns Root Beer - Taste similar to lifesaver mints.

5. Boylan Root Beer - Very sweet, but also has more dominant spice flavor.

6. Death Valley Root Beer - Mild flavor, not as carbonated. 


Root Beer Spices


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