We believe in
enjoying a simple, happy life, filled with monents that bring you utter happiness like when your children play and laugh so hard that it makes everyone laugh until you cry or making up a game to find the popcorn pieces hidden in your Christmas village that becomes a new family tradition or just snuggling in your favorite blanket and reading a story. 

We believe that a simpler, happier life comes from these cherished family times and inclusive community values of treating everyone with respect and kindness. It’s like if the phrase heirloom quality could be extended to a feeling, or a way of life.

It’s our goal to extend that feeling to every customer who visits the store. We want you to have a straightforward, easy experience and find the quality products you want to make your life better. All natural ice cream, made with local ingredients and a local dairy, vintage candy that will bring up wonderful memories from long times past, Southern Oregons largest vintage and craft glass bottle sodas.- only made with pure cane sugar. We also enjoy offering unique gift items and pure 100% flax linen bedding. We want to offer you only textiles that are free of chemicals and impurities. Products that are not mass-produced or sold by a large, impersonal retailer.

Violets & Cream was created by the passion of Laura Smith, starting as a dream in the late 1980s and bolstered by a lifelong love of historic homes, vintage quality, and old muscle cars. She’s worked in the retail and merchandise industry for what seems like a lifetime, as well as in the social services field and the education sector managing staff, clients, and programs. She has a Master’s of Education (with Distinction) from Northern Arizona University.

Together with her son, Sagean Stoker, who shares the same love of muscle cars, family values, and a love of everything vintage and historic, they have launched a new kind of ice cream, candy, and gift store. Violets & Cream was launched to provide you with unique, artistic designs for your lifestyle. And to take you back to a gentler time of vintage quality, classic styles, and a touch of modern industrial aesthetics.

We want you to walk away with an old-fashioned, heirloom-quality experience to help make your life simpler, and happier.  


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