Boyer - Mallo Cup - Ganje’s
Boyer - Mallo Cup - Ganje’s
Boyer - Mallo Cup - Ganje’s

Boyer - Mallo Cup

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The first cup candy ever made, Boyer's Milk Chocolate Mallo Cup, filled with a whipped cream center. There's nothing better than enjoying a delicious Mallo Cup only to reveal the coveted Mallo Cup Play Money that remains a favorite Boyer memory for generations of Boyer Candy Company fans.


The Boyer Brothers started their candy business in their mother Emily's kitchen in order to supplement the family income during the Depression Years. With brother Bill making the candy, Mom and sister Emily doing the wrapping, and brother Bob going door to door selling the brothers began what would prove to be a very successful business venture.

Initially, they made homemade fudge and nut raisin clusters. As the demand increased for Boyer Candy, so did the line of candy that they offered.

The brothers originally tried covering marshmallows in chocolate but were unable to get the marshmallow to stiffen. Emily suggested the use of cupcake papers and the Mallo Cup became the first cup candy in America. As the years passed and the demand increased, the brothers moved the operation to an industrial facility in 1936 where the cup concept expanded with Peanut Butter Cups and Smoothie Cups.

As the popularity of the cup candy continued to grow the "Play Money" program was introduced. The consumer received a coin card ranging in value from five cents to one dollar in each candy bar This enabled the consumer to save the coins and redeem them for free candy. This program is still in effect today and encourages repeat sales and brings back wonderful nostalgic memories of childhood. Merchandise such as sweatshirts, watches, hats, tote bags and many others have been added to the list that the consumer can now trade for their coins.

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