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Goody - Green Apple Soda

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Willow Springs Distilling Company was a brewery located in south Omaha, Nebraska. They were Nebraska’s first distillery, and grew to become the nation’s third largest distillery before the Great Depression.

When Prohibition in the United States stopped the production of alcoholic beverages in 1919, the company became known as Willow Springs Bottling and started producing non-alcoholic beverages.

They introduced Goody in 1923 and expanded this line to over a dozen flavors.

Sometime in the 1940’s the Goody boy and slogan “Golly it’s good!” was added as a way to help advertise and promote the brand.

Today we offer 4 flavors, Berry Cream, Green Apple, Pineapple and Bubble Gum. Made with pure cane sugar and bottled in long neck glass bottles for that crisp and refreshing finish.

Pick some up for yourself and see how good this soda truly is.
Produced in our bottling plant in Mukilteo, WA

Made in the USA

Single 12 oz Glass Bottle

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