Gustafs - Fruit Pastilles - Ganje’s
Gustafs - Fruit Pastilles - Ganje’s
Gustafs - Fruit Pastilles - Ganje’s

Fruit Pastilles - Gustafs

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This bag of English Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles is spot on for those of us who love these tasty fruit sweets. Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles come in five classic flavours - Lemon (yellow), orange (orange), blackcurrant (purple), strawberry (red) and lime (green).

It is quite literally impossible to put a Rowntrees Fruit Pastille in your mouth without chewing it, but you have many opportunities to try (and fail) with this sizeable bag.

With no artificial colours or flavours, these fruit pastilles contain 25% fruit juice.

Gustaf's Fruit Pastilles are made in England with all natural colors, cane molasses, and sugar to the same exacting standards of yore.   

6.3 Oz. Bag

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