Jawbreaker on a Stick - Psychedelic
Big Bruiser - Jawbreaker on a Stick - Ganje’s
Jawbreaker on a Stick - Psychedelic

Jawbreaker on a Stick - Psychedelic

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Classic Mega Jawbreaker on a stick. A whooping 2 1/4 inches!!

What do you do with a jawbreaker that takes hours or even days to finish? We feel your pain and offer you this life hack of jawbreaker on a stick. No more messy fingers or getting your jawbreaker dirty. Perfect solution to a never-ending candy. 

All the fun of a jawbreaker, with the added convenience of a stick. Clever Candy blended 2 candy favorites, the jawbreaker and the lollipop, and the tasty, less messy Jawbreaker on a Stick was born. White Psychedelic version has swirls of bright primary colors, and every lick is packed with sweet flavor.

5.2 oz