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OZell - Root Beer Float

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Elias Disney, Walt and Roy Disney's father and a man of spirit true, believed in a dream... the dream of O-Zell, a pure, all-natural carbonated beverage that would satisfy the fiercest thirst and lead us from the wicked temptation of hooch.

Beginning in 1912, Elias threw his heart and soul (and no small amount of cabbage) into the O-Zell dream, with misfortune and woe his only reward.

Today, Elias' century-old dream is fulfilled at last! The O-Zell Soda Company is humbled to offer you, dearest friend, our scrumptious Vanilla Dream, Root Beer Float, Cherry Jubilee, Pineapple Whip, Grape Moments and Orange DreamSicle all made with Hawaiian cane sugar and 100% all natural ingredients, for your delectation and delight!

Made in the USA

12 oz Glass Bottles
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