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RC Cola Soda

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Keepin' the classic classic. Royal Crown in a glass bottle - is there any other way?

Forever destined to be the other cola from Georgia, the history of RC Cola is filled with what could have beens. The original formulation of RC - Chero-Cola - was launched in 1905 before being buried by their red cola friends and fellow Georgians who sued for the use of the word "cola".

Reborn as Royal Crown or RC, without the "cola" moniker in 1934, the drink quickly took off and gained national distribution. Copyright law eventually came to its senses and dropped red cola's exclusive right to the word.

Now RC Cola, the drink became a household name with the help of the likes of John Wayne and Lucille Ball. WIth limited ad budget and less nimble positioning RC lost market share beginning in the 70s. But it has never lost the hearts and minds of fans of the underdog.

12 oz Glass Bottle

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