UK - Fentimans - Victorian  Lemonade

UK - Fentimans - Victorian Lemonade

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You can't help but get your pinkies up when drinking Fentimans Victorian Lemonade as it's truly an elegant experience.

Both craft soda fans and those looking for intense lemon flavor will love this sparkling lemonade made with 1 and a half lemons in every bottle.

Adding to the flavor adventure is Fentimans signature brewed botanical blend, including ginger root for a light spice. The sparkling lemonade is sweetened with pure cane sugar for that homemade flavor. 

Floral-flavored food and beverages are making a comeback from the days gone by. 

Great on its own or as a mixer for craft cocktails.

1 - 9.3 oz Bottle

Made in England

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